Analysis: Legal Fees In Gulf Oil Spill Deal Stir Conflict

 From the Orlando Sentinel article by Reuters: The estimated $7.8 billion settlement reached last week between BP PLC and attorneys for victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill left many details unresolved. Now, the lawyers are gearing up for a fee fight. Two distinct groups of attorneys are positioned to lock horns. One set is the lawyers that negotiated the deal with BP. These attorneys are seeking to allay fears that the fees will come out of the pocket of claimants. Meanwhile, the other faction – which did not take part in the settlement talks and which has been pursuing claims for clients outside of court – is concerned the money will go to lawyers who do not deserve it. The lawyers in the second faction have been pursuing claims through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility which is backed by a $20 billion trust.  (Read Full Article Here)

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