David Gore’s Execution Will Reflect Modern Changes In Florida’s Death Row Since Its Inception

The first article discusses the history and transition from “Old Sparky” to lethal injection for Florida executions. Thirty-three years ago, John Spenkelink  was the first inmate to be executed in Florida, and the second in the country, after the re-legalization of capital punishment in 1976. Since then, 1,289 inmates have been executed in the country — 72 from Florida. Spenkelink was seated and strapped into the three-legged electric oak chair, where three surges of 2,250-volt shocks killed him. Condemned killer David Alan Gore, scheduled to be executed on Thursday [April 12], will be on his back, strapped onto a gurney under a white sheet. He’ll have one intravenous tube on each arm and die by lethal injection. Attorneys representing Gore on Tuesday [April 10] took his case to the U.S. Supreme Court in a bid to stop his execution at Florida State Prison. Gore’s attorneys filed motions before the nation’s high court after the Florida Supreme Court on Monday [April 9] denied a post conviction appeal.  (Read Full Article Here)

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