Judge Right To Release Video Of Shooting

The editorial states: “Lee County Circuit Judge Mark Steinbeck made the right call in refusing to block the pre-trial release of a video showing the nonfatal shooting of a Cape Coral police officer in April. The video is shocking, but it is important public information about how police work and especially the sudden and deadly dangers they face. An attorney for the man charged in the shooting, Yousel Lopez Rivera, claimed release of the video before the trial would harm his client’s chances of getting an unbiased jury in Lee County. That is a legitimate issue, but a manageable problem. For one thing, Steinbeck rightly ruled that the video is not so graphic or horrifying as to deny Rivera a fair trial. . . . It is information the public owns, and has a right to see. Withholding it would have set a bad precedent and requires justification much stronger than the mere possibility that it could prejudice some potential jurors against a defendant.” ┬á(Read Full Article Here)

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