US Attorney General announces investigation into Baltimore police

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch [official website] on Friday announced [press release] the launch of a federal civil rights investigation into Baltimore's police. Authorities, Lynch said [AP report], would look for discriminating practices by police and begin to review allegations of unlawful searches, seizures and arrests as well as excessive force, and they would seek a court enforceable agreement to address any unconstitutional policies or practices found. The investigation is set to build upon a review of the Baltimore police that began last year, which the government conducted voluntarily and collaboratively. The Justice Department [official website] in conducting its investigation will consider all relevant information, though special attention will be paid to both the efforts undertaken by the Baltimore Police Department to comply with federal law and the views and experiences of the community. The announcement follows days of rioting in response to the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, which Lynch said showed a "serious erosion of public trust." This investigation is separate from the department's criminal civil rights investigation related to Gray's death and will be conducted by the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. (Read Full Article Here)