How Norman Vincent Peale Made Time For Daily Prayer

Elizabeth Peale Allen talks about how her father, Norman Vincent Peale, made time for daily prayer: My father was one of the busiest people I've ever known. But I also recall that he made time for extended prayer each day. He once described his routine:

It's important to choose a prayer-hour which you can guarantee. I personally prefer the late night hours, because I know they won't be disturbed.

I get all ready for bed; then, for a while, I read. My reading may include some inspirational book, but it always includes the Bible. I read until I sense that I have slowed down from the rapid pace of the day. And then . . . I wait.

I simply relax and am quiet. I begin to thank God for all that has come my way. Even when I have worries that weigh me down, I start my prayers by thanking God, one by one, for His gifts to me this day.

And again I wait. If I sense that there is something blocking my contact with God, I try to discover what it is and ask for forgiveness. Then I wait again.

What am I waiting for? I am hoping to experience the presence of God. And sometimes it I wait long enough, there comes a wonderful moment when I know God is close.

Relinquishing our activity, ambition, drive--how hard it is for most of us! Yet it is in these moments of yielded stillness that God most often makes His presence felt.

The Key To Unlocking Prayer Power, Elizabeth Peal Allen, Positive Thinkers Club, April 2011