Rebooted Rich

When you study the careers of [Barry] Diller, [George] Lindemann and [Steve] Jobs--call them the Rebooted Rich--you see a common fact hiding in plain sight. The Rebooted Rich don't try to repeat their previous successes. They create new successes. They reboot themselves. Entrepreneurism is tough work. So why are there serial entrepreneurs--especially rich ones who could coast? Pau Kedrosky of the Kauffman Foundation says, "They are mad, in a good way. They are people who see something awry in the world and wonder why no one else does. They then fix it themselves by launching products or services. Unlike one-hit wonders, the best serial entrepreneurs are in a permanent argument with the world, one that forces them to change it, one new company at a time--to our collective benefit."

Rich Karlgaard, "A Select Breed: The Rebooted Rich," Forbes, p. 24, October 11, 2010.