The Quicker Picker Upper

The quicker picker upper An advertising slogan for Bounty kitchen towel, that was popularized by the "pinafored" Rosie (Nancy Walker) in a series of TV commercials in the late 1970s. Actress, singer, and comedienne Walker had a rather nasal voice and a sarcastic, self-deprecating manner, bringing a lot of humour to an ad for what was a particularly mundane type of product/activity. The slogan was already memorable, to some degree, because of its association with tongue-twisters. It was also rich in--and perhaps best-loved for--its potential sexual innuendo. It is now often used with reference to the drug Viagra, and appears on one of US comedian and talk show host David Letterman's top ten lists, as on the "Top Ten Slogans For The New Wonder-Bra." The Oxford Dictionary of Catchphrases (2002), compiled by Anna Farkas, pp. 262-63,