Our roads are filled with large trucks, and trucking accidents that result in injury or even death happen every day.

Trucking accidents usually result from causes that can be avoided, including:

- Drowsiness

- Lack of driver training

- Unsafe driving

- Unsafe trucks

- Road rage

- Impairment due to drugs including alcohol

It is extremely important to get an attorney involved in a trucking accident case as soon as possible. In trucking cases, there is a large amount of evidence that can be lost if an attorney does not act quickly. Trucking companies may have data from on-board computers or satellite tracking systems, for example. Sometimes, even the truck itself can be lost or destroyed. Do not let a critical piece of evidence disappear because you waited too long.

In addition to issues with evidence, trucking cases are complex because they involve suing multiple defendants, including trucking companies, individuals, and insurance companies.

Trucking accidents can result in serious injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and loss of enjoyment of life. These consequences can be extremely distressing, and our attorneys and staff will work hard to see that you are properly compensated for injuries.

Trucking companies should not be allowed to put dangerous trucks and drivers on the road and then escape liability when you are injured. Make sure you find an attorney who understands all the issues involved in a trucking case. Douglas R. Beam, P.A. will help you hold trucking companies and their drivers accountable in the event you are involved in a trucking accident.

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