Platoon Leader Describes Shock At Bergdahl's Disappearance

SAN ANTONIO — Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's commanding officer when the Idaho native vanished from his post in Afghanistan six years ago testified Thursday that he thought his soldiers were playing a joke on him when they told him that Bergdahl had gone missing.

Speaking at the outset of an Article 32 hearing to determine if Bergdahl should face a military trial on desertion and other charges, Capt. John Billings said that when he realized they were telling the truth, he was "in shock, absolute utter disbelief that I couldn't find one of my own men. That's a hard thing to swallow," he told the military prosecutor, Maj. Margaret Kurz.

Kurz alleged that Bergdahl had planned for weeks to abandon his post and that there was enough evidence to warrant that the Idaho native face a court-martial.

"Under the cover of darkness, he snuck off the post," Kurz told the officer presiding over the hearing. [READ FULL ARTICLE HERE]