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Brain Injury

A $28,500,000 verdict awarded in a brain injury case

Car Crash

A $4,300,000 verdict awarded in a violent car crash case

Truck Accident

A $4,000,000+ settlement in a life-altering trucking accident

Negligent Security

$30 Million+ in settlements and verdicts for negligent security victims.

Wrongful Death

A $3,000,000 judgment entered for the family of a wrongful death victim

Pedestrian Accidents

Over $2,000,000 in settlements to minor pedestrian accident victim and other clients

Bicycle Accident

A $725,000 settlement for a bicycle accident victim crushed by a semi-truck

Motorcycle Accident

A $450,000 settlement and all medical bills paid for a paralyzed motorcycle accident victim

Sexual Abuse

Over $250,000 in verdicts and settlements awarded to sexual abuse survivors

Slip and Fall

A $210,000 settlement awarded after a slip and fall

Dog Bite

A $100,000 settlement awarded to an attacked police officer

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