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Consistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, Florida
They make dealing with a bad situation the best possible. Someone is always there to help when you need them, no matter time or day of the week.
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Were you or your someone you know involved in a drowning accident that resulted in bodily injury or even death? Our law firm can help. Contact us today!

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

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Swimming pool accidents are a far too common occurrence. A calm and relaxing day by the pool can quickly turn if a loved one suffers a swimming pool injury. A swimming pool injury can vary from a minor injury to brain damage to death.

Douglas R. Beam P.A. is a personal injury law firm that has won $1 Billion Dollars in settlements and verdicts. If you’ve suffered a swimming pool accident injury, contact a Melbourne, Florida swimming pool accident attorney at Douglas R. Beam P.A. Our personal injury lawyers have been helping pool accident victims throughout Brevard County, and the rest of Central Florida for over 30 years. Additionally, our clients receive 3x more than what they're offered before we're hired.

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How does an accident lawyer help a pool accident victim?

Swimming pool accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 14 and under. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 500 children under the age of 5 die annually and another 3,000 children under the age of 5 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for swimming pool accident injuries. While we may feel comfortable near a pool, many of us never recognize the danger it poses.

A pool injury can result in devastating outcomes for the victim, with children facing some of the most dangerous injuries. These life-changing pool accidents may require incredible medical expenses, surgeries, visits to specialists and life-time medical care.

Pool accidents and swimming pool injuries fall under the category of law called premises liability. This type of personal injury case is complex, requiring the use of experts from a variety of fields to help tell the story of the pool victim. It is critical to get an experienced swimming pool accident attorney who can help drive your case forward.

Choose the Right Melbourne Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

The personal injury lawyers at Douglas R. Beam P.A. know how demanding a swimming pool accident can be. Pool accident victims may face emergency room visits, lasting pain, medical needs, and economic hardships. Our Melbourne swimming pool accident lawyers are passionate about helping victims heal and get to the best recovery possible.

A swimming pool injury is never planned. Swimming pool accidents are complex and demand an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you need to speak to a swimming pool accident lawyer in Melbourne, Florida, we are available to meet in-office, virtually, at the hospital or at your home. Once we have you as a client, our firm uses our broad resources, our deep connections and our relationships with skilled investigators and evidence experts to put together an in-depth and compelling case for compensation. Whether through settlement or trial, our team knows how to take a case from start to close. Our approach has led to our founder Doug Beam landing multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements regularly and our managing attorney, Riley Beam to win a $28.5 Million Dollar verdict in his first catastrophic injury jury trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer?

How We Help After a Swimming Pool Accident

Every year in every case we try, we are shocked to find how little insurance companies want to offer our clients. On average, we find that insurance undervalues injury claims by 2 to 100 times what we get for our client. It’s a broad spectrum, but it proves a point.

Most people don’t understand how badly insurance is setting them up for the future.

The common pool injury that takes place every day is rarely understood for how devastating it can be for pool accident victims. What appears to be a minor injury on the surface can turn into a lifelong medical complication. To make matters worse, insurance is known for making it difficult for those in pool accidents to get their full compensation. When it is time for insurance companies to fulfill their duty, they are often more focused on revenue than helping the injured.

The top insurance companies made over $300,000,000,000 in 2019 by making sure they were paying out claims that were favorable to them. Great personal injury lawyers know the tricks of the insurance companies. At Douglas R. Beam P.A. our personal injury attorneys have brought in over $1,000,000,000 in settlements and verdicts and helped our clients, on average, receive 3x what they’re offered before our firm is hired.

From a minor pool injury to a catastrophic injury, if you’ve been in a swimming pool accident you should speak with a Melbourne, Florida personal injury attorney. Do this as quickly as possible. Once your pool injury takes place, insurance is measuring your actions and working to make sure they pay you the least amount of money possible for your recovery. If you have been in a swimming pool accident and are curious if your case is a good one, contact us for a free consultation!

What to do After a Pool Accident?

In the aftermath of a pool accident, there are things you can do that will help protect your legal rights and position you to recover. The following tips will get you on the track to a speedy recovery.

Get Medical Assistance

When a pool accident occurs, make sure that you and any other parties involved are taken care of. Provide responders detailed information on the accident and any symptoms that you are experiencing. Most people underestimate how bad their injuries are after an accident because of the post-accident adrenaline rush. Get an exam from your doctor and follow all doctors’ orders for treatment. You’ll heal more quickly and you cannot be blamed by insurance for not taking your doctor’s advice.

Dial 911

Ask someone to call 911 to get medical help. Ask any officers that may show up for a copy of a report detailing what occurred. Your personal injury attorney will use it to prepare a lawsuit.


Immediately after a swimming pool accident, begin gathering evidence. Take pictures and videos of the scene and yourself. Make sure everything is documented. Your lawyer will examine this information to collect critical information about how the pool injury happened.


Keep a tight rein on what you say to the other parties involved in the fall, to bystanders, and to insurance agents. Any admission of fault could leave you without a chance in your lawsuit.


Our law office has handled swimming pool accidents in the Central Florida area for decades. Our legal team has the experience and millions in results. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to assure you will be taken care of during your case.

What to Consider When Choosing a Melbourne, Florida Pool Accident Lawyer

These three characteristics are a must-have for a personal injury lawyer:

Know Their Results

Find a personal injury attorney who has a history of winning cases like yours. These attorneys will understand your swimming pool accident, your pool injuries and what the accident caused in your life. Additionally, the right personal injury attorney will understand your medical needs and the impact of the fall injuries on your personal and work life.

Contingency Fee Only

Good personal injury attorneys bet on themselves. The way they do that is through contingency fees. All that means is that you don’t pay any money up front. Standard contingency fees are 33.33% of whatever insurance rewards.

They Go to Trial

The majority of cases in great law firms settle. Why? Because insurance is terrified of going to court against great attorneys. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. Insurance companies fear attorneys that have the resources, experience and know how to beat them soundly in court.

In a perfect world, when a pool accident happens, we should be able to trust our insurance company to put our lives back together. Unfortunately, most insurance companies make their money by underpaying victims of serious injury. When a personal injury attorney represents a pool accident victim, the accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies so that they fulfill their obligations. The personal injury lawyers at Douglas R. Beam P.A. can evaluate your swimming pool accident during the initial consultation and map out a plan that details the medical bills, emergency room visits, missed work, and other monetary damages you are owed as a result of the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Common Types of Swimming Pool Injuries?

Below are the top 4 swimming pool injuries we see in Melbourne, Florida and Brevard County.

Submersion and Drowning

A lack of supervision, a lack of warnings and crowded pools can lead to submersion or drowning.

Diving Injuries

This swimming pool accident happens when an individual hits their head while diving into a pool.

Slip and Falls

Wet conditions and tripping hazards are magnets for slip and fall injuries.

Unsafe Product Injuries

Defectively designed products like inflatable pool toys and pool cleaning equipment can cause swimming pool accidents.

How Can a Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Swimming pool accidents are complex and require a robust legal strategy. Rarely is there clear liability as to whom should be held responsible after a swimming pool accident takes place. The job of a swimming pool accident lawyer is to determine what prompted the accident, who should be held accountable and what compensation is fair to request. A good swimming pool accident attorney will help you or the family members of a victim get the help and compensation they deserve after an incident.

Who is Liable if Someone Drowns in Your Pool?

If the injured party was allowed on the premises and the property owner failed to properly maintain their swimming pool, the pool owner and their insurance company are liable for the drowning.

What are the Responsibilities of a Resort with a Swimming Pool?

Resorts, hotels and motels all must maintain a duty of care in order to keep safe conditions on its premise for its guests. Examples of these duties include:

- Sufficient lighting in any areas that require access

- The repair of any unsafe and exposed defects

- Controlling insect infestations

- Providing security to avoid any criminal injury to guests

- Providing proper training to pool staff

- Maintaining safe stairs and elevators

- Maintaining any locks in hotel rooms

Hire a Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

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For over three decades, our firm has protected injury victims throughout Melbourne, Florida and Central Florida by winning compensation for their losses. The expertise that our personal injury attorneys possess and our record of successfully representing clients has allowed our firm to become a leading Brevard County personal injury law firm.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a swimming pool accident, contact our offices today for a free case review. Our team is available at all hours of the day and will act quickly to protect your rights. For an immediate consultation, call our phone number (321) 723-6591, email us at help@dougbeam.com or fill out the simple form below.

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