Millions in Motorcycle Accident Settlements and Verdicts from Your Hometown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Melbourne FL

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Melbourne FL

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Doug is one of the best lawyers in the state, hands down. His expertise and connections are second-to-none.
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Consistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, Florida
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Wonderful attorney, hands down!
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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Melbourne FL

Millions in Motorcycle Accident Settlements and Verdicts from Your Hometown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Melbourne FL
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Consistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, FloridaConsistent 5-Star Reviews for Personal Injury Attorney in Melbourne, Florida
Doug is one of the best lawyers in the state, hands down. His expertise and connections are second-to-none.
- Mark

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Our clients receive 3x more

The Douglas R. Beam P.A. personal injury law firm located in Melbourne, Florida has served Central Florida residents for over 30 years. Our law firm has recovered over $1,000,000,000 in verdicts and settlements for our clients. On average, our clients receive 3x more than what they were offered before we were hired.

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly dangerous and require an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Have you been injured in a serious motorcycle accident and are wondering if your motorcycle accident is worth calling a lawyer? If you are ready to speak with an award-winning motorcycle accident lawyer, contact us today for a 100% free consultation!

Choose the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Douglas R. Beam P.A. has a reputation among insurance companies. For decades, our team of motorcycle accident attorneys has successfully represented motorcycle riders. We have taken on the world’s largest insurance companies and recovered over $1 Billion Dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Experienced, well-connected, and successful, Doug Beam and Riley Beam both rank in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America. Doug Beam has consistently brought in millions for his clients. Riley Beam won a verdict of $28.5 Million dollars in his first jury trial.

We are grateful for our reputation as one of the leading law firms in Melbourne, Brevard County and Central Florida. We’ve grown because of our results and how we treat our clients. If you’re looking for a motorcycle accident attorney, give us a call. It’s always free and always fast.

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Providing Help to a Paralyzed Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was paralyzed after an accident. Working with our client, we helped recover six-figures for their damages.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

How We Help After Serious Motorcycle Crashes

Did you know that Melbourne, Florida is home to one of the most dangerous stretches of road in America?

Brevard County has the 2nd (U.S. 1), 3rd (U.S. 192) and 5th (I-95) deadliest roads surrounding it. That means the county is marked by thoroughfares that prove to be troublesome for even the most experienced motorcycle rider. U.S. 192 has the special distinction of not only being the third deadliest road, but having the highest likelihood of death in Melbourne, Florida. Every mile on U.S. 192 in Melbourne, roughly 1 person dies from serious injury.

Motorcyclists have the same right to be on the road as any other motorist. When a motorcycle crash occurs, Florida’s legal system allows those who are injured to be compensated for their injuries and property damage. This system focuses on responsibility and holds the individual who caused the accident, and their insurance company, accountable. Getting compensation for this should be easy, but insurance makes it very difficult, particularly for motorcycle riders. This is where a personal injury lawyer can help.

The top insurance companies made over $300,000,000,000 in 2019 by paying out claims that were favorable to them. Injured motorcyclists have 4 to 12 times the damages as a car accident victim. That's why insurance companies have methods to make sure they don’t pay motorcycle riders for their injury claims. Great personal injury lawyers know the tricks of the insurance companies. At Douglas R. Beam P.A., our personal injury attorneys have brought in over $1,000,000,000 in settlements and verdicts. We have helped our clients, on average, receive 3x what they’re offered before our firm is hired.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Are you currently looking at pursuing litigation over anything from a minor motorcycle accident to a catastrophic injury? You should speak with a Melbourne, Florida personal injury attorney. Do this as quickly as possible. Once your motorcycle accident occurs, insurance measures your actions and works to make sure they pay you as little as possible for your recovery. Were you in a motorcycle accident and are curious if your case is a good one? Contact us for a free consultation!

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents are never anticipated. Crashes can take a huge toll financially, physically, and emotionally. In the aftermath of the crash, there are things you can do that will help protect your legal rights and position you to recover. The following tips will get you on the track to a speedy recovery.


Make sure that you and any other parties in the accident are okay. Provide emergency responders detailed information on the crash and any symptoms that you are experiencing. Most people underestimate how bad their injuries are after an accident because of the post-accident adrenaline rush. Get an exam from your doctor and follow all doctors’ orders for treatment. You’ll heal more quickly, and insurance can't accuse you of failing to take your doctor’s advice.

DIAL 911

Call the police immediately and ask them to write a report on the motorcycle crash. Ask the officer for a copy of the report and keep it. Your accident lawyer will use it to prepare a lawsuit.


Immediately after a crash, begin gathering evidence. Take pictures and videos of your vehicle, the scene, and yourself. Make sure to document everything. It is also a good idea to keep all the parts of the vehicle that broke down in the crash. Your lawyer will examine these parts and possibly collect critical information about how the crash happened.


Keep a tight rein on what you say to the other parties involved in the crash, to bystanders, and to insurance agents. Any admission of fault could leave you without a chance in your lawsuit.


We have handled motorcycle accident cases in the Central Florida area for decades. Our team has the experience and the results. Hiring an attorney with great experience is the best way to assure you will be taken care of during your case.

Injuries Associated with Brevard County Motorcycle Accidents

After a motorcycle accident, how you recover matters. Here are four types of injuries we deal with regularly.


Road rash occurs when an individual makes contact with the road at any amount of speed. Road rash can vary from a minor abrasion and cut to major injury requiring skin grafting.


When an individual is in a motorcycle accident, there is a much higher chance of head injury. (This is true even when motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet.) This head injury can change a life forever. Traumatic Brain Injuries can result in a number of complications from death to changed mood to loss of personality. Our lawyers are experienced in these cases, winning upwards of $28.5 Million Dollars in a single Traumatic Brain Injury case.


After an accident, individuals may find that they have burns. This can come from friction that was caused by the accident or fire from the resulting aftermath. In any circumstance, this incredibly serious injury requires sophisticated treatment and a clear understanding of how much one's life is altered. Our Melbourne, Florida personal injury attorneys understand these types of injuries and can help build a cause for anyone hurt by burns.


Certain injuries can result in loss of limb. The amputation of a body part is devastating and requires a full restart for an individual. Our team at Douglas R. Beam P.A. is sensitive to this change and dedicated to helping our clients communicate their needs after an accident.


Every motorcycle accident results in some level of injury. From a minor bruise to a several month setback. It is insurance’s responsibility to take care of these injuries. What appears to be small may grow into a larger matter in the future. We have a deep understanding of these types of injuries and are able to help our clients get the assistance they need.

All crashes can result in significant pain and suffering. Your health is the most important thing. After an accident, make sure you get treated for your injuries and then contact a Melbourne, Florida lawyer to get the assistance you need.

Common Motorcycle Accidents in Melbourne, Florida

When clients speak to us, we are almost always dealing with these six accidents.


When the front of one vehicle strikes the front of a motorcycle.


When the front of one vehicle slams into the back of a motorcycle.


When the front of another vehicles strikes the side of a motorcycle.


When one vehicle going in the same direction and speed as another hits the side of a motorcycle. This often takes place when a vehicle is changing lanes.


When a vehicle that has been struck by another vehicle hits additional vehicles.


When a single motorcycle loses control and gets in an accident.

Regardless of the type of accident, a motorcycle accident is a life-changing experience. Our team has experience with each of these accidents and knows how to help those who have been affected.

Factors That Play a Role in Central Florida Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle accident happens, one of these five things is likely taking place.


Leading all traffic deaths, alcohol impairment makes up 25% of fatalities. If you’re going to get a drink, leave your keys at home.


Slightly under alcohol impairment, driver fatigue makes up 20% of all motorcycle crashes. If you’re feeling tired, go home and rest.


Nearly 10% of the deaths on the road last year were caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving is often caused by focusing on a phone, but it can be impacted by focusing on anything that is not the road.


We’ve all been guilty of this, but many don't realize the danger we could be in. Those going 10 miles over the speed limit have a 20% higher likelihood of getting in an accident than those who drive safely.


One of the most tragic accidents is caused by motorcycle defects. Individuals can be doing everything right but have a vehicle malfunction that causes harm or injury. Personal injury attorneys can be helpful in evaluating if a lawsuit needs to be brought against the individual responsible for the defect.

When individuals choose to live recklessly, others have to bear the consequences. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injury due to a motorcycle accident, our team is ready to help today. Call us at (321) 723-6591.

What To Look for in a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

What to Consider When Choosing a Melbourne, Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Look for these three things when choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer.


Find a personal injury attorney who has a history of winning cases like yours. These attorneys will understand your type of motorcycle crash, your injuries and the impact of the motorcycle accident on your life. Additionally, the right attorney will understand your medical needs and the impact of the wreck on your personal and work life.


Good personal injury attorneys bet on themselves. The way they do that is through contingency fees. All that means is that you don’t pay any money up front. Standard contingency fees are 33.33% of whatever insurance rewards.


The majority of cases in great law firms settle. Why? Because insurance is terrified of going to court against great attorneys. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. Insurance companies fear attorneys that have the resources, experience, and know-how to beat them soundly in court.

In a perfect world, when a crash happens, we should be able to trust our insurance company to put our lives back together. Unfortunately, most insurance companies make their money by underpaying victims of motorcycle accidents. An expert personal injury attorney should represent a motorcycle crash victim. The accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies so that they fulfill their obligations. The personal injury lawyers at Douglas R. Beam P.A. can evaluate your motorcycle accident case during the initial consultation. We can map out a plan that details the medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other monetary damages you are owed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Motorcycle Accident Cases Settle For?

The average motorcycle settlement is between $40,000 and $80,000.

Here in Melbourne, Florida, Douglas R. Beam P.A. has had $1 Billion Dollars in settlements and verdicts.

Why the difference? It all depends upon damages.

Damages is the term used in the insurance industry to understand what the insurance company needs to pay for. Damages could be anything from a broken bumper to a serious injury to a loss of work that was caused by the motorcycle accident. Injury costs like medical bills and lost wages can really add up. How much money insurance pays out is dependent upon the damages.

Normally, when people interact with insurance companies, they don't fully understand damages. They do not know how to calculate, document, and prove the damages that have taken place in the motorcycle accident.

When you sue for a motorcycle accident, you are telling an insurance company that they owe more than what they are offering. How much you get all depends upon the damages you or your motorcycle accident lawyer can prove.

In crashes that result in a lost life, the family of the victim might file a wrongful death lawsuit. These cases can involve a significant amount of damages and are especially complex. It is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer to prove negligence, negotiate compensation, and get you the settlement you deserve. You need a motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

The majority of motorcycle accident settlements are handled within a year.

The length of a motorcycle accident settlement is determined by two things: medical recovery and insurance response.

After an accident, individuals need to heal to their maximum level of improvement. At this point, injuries are not getting any worse, and the individual has a sense of where they are medically from the accident. This is often when lawyers will send out a demand. A demand is a request that insurance pays the amount that corresponds to the damages suffered in the motorcycle accident.

Insurance will then reply by agreeing to the demand or denying the demand. Denial of a demand can extend the case. At that point, the case will resolve in either a settlement of the motorcycle accident claim or a verdict.

Settlements happen outside of trial and normally resolve in months. Verdicts happen in trial and usually extend to over a year.

What Happens When You Hit a Motorcyclist?

When you hit a motorcyclist, there are a number of outcomes, each based on how the accident took place. In this list, we give a breakdown of what to do regardless of the accident.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that roughly 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in death or serious injury to the rider. The first thing you need to do after an accident is make sure that you and the motorcyclist you hit are okay.

CALL 911

Immediately have first responders come out to check on the situation. Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of severe injury or death after an accident. Have medical professionals check the motorcyclist and yourself.


Get medical help for any injuries you have suffered. It is vital that you and those involved in the accident get medical treatment.


After hitting an individual, outcomes can range from your insurance premiums going up to being taken to court. Before you speak to any insurance companies or public servants, speak with an attorney to understand your options.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney
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No one ever thinks that they will be in a motorcycle accident. Contact the Melbourne, Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Douglas R. Beam P.A. if you have been in a motorcycle accident. For over three decades, our firm has protected injury victims throughout Melbourne, Florida and Central Florida by winning compensation for their losses. Our personal injury attorneys possess expertise and have a record of successfully representing clients. This has allowed our firm to become a leading Brevard County personal injury law firm.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle accident, contact our offices today for a free case review. Our team is available at all hours of the day and will act quickly to protect your rights. For an immediate consultation, call our phone number (321) 723-6591, email us at, or fill out the simple form below.

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