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5 Note-taking Methods

Here are a few note-taking hacks that we tried and loved; and, we think you’ll love them too.

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4 Legal Podcasts for Roadtrips

Four of our favorite legal podcasts to binge and follow. 

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Don't Sign That Form!

Is someone trying really hard to get you to sign a strange form? You should be suspicious.

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Can I Sue Over COVID?

In this episode, we discuss the world of liability, proof and when you are allowed to sue for the transmission of a disease.

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A Robot Hit Me!

In this episode, we look into the evolving realm of auto accidents as companies, like Tesla, continue to innovate with self-driving vehicles.

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3 Famous Courtroom Trials

A look at some cases that swept the globe.

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

After you've been in a car crash, it is vital that you remember a few key things. These could be the difference between you having a great recovery and bad one!

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Is "Double Jeopardy" Legit?

In this podcast episode, we look into Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones and the legal concept "Double Jeopardy". Is this a legitimate concept? And, if so, how does it apply in the film?

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How Do I Pay For An Accident In Florida?

A look into how personal injury settlements are paid after an accident in Florida

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5 Fantastic Lawyers

Five famous attorneys that you must get to know.

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Why We Try Brain Injury Cases

With a $28.5M verdict for a brain injury, we've been helping those with traumatic brain injuries for decades. Learn why.

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Can My Dog Be Arrested?

In this episode of our podcast, we look into a case of a "wanted dog" and what it looks like when your very friendly dog may cross a very big boundary.

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Three Great Legal Films

We’ve compiled a list of three legal films that have delighted, entertained and mirrored many of our experiences.

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Notable Cases

Brain Injury

A $28,500,000 verdict awarded in a brain injury case

How We Won
Car Crash

A $4,300,000 verdict awarded in a violent car crash case

How We Won
Truck Accident

A $4,000,000+ settlement in a life-altering trucking accident

How We Won